ROCKSTEADY is a coming of age story set against the world of dirt track stock car racing in rural New York. BC Cook (21) is the son of a Jamaican immigrant who died tragically 10 years earlier leaving him and his mom to fend for themselves. Times are tough financially and they are at risk of losing the family homestead to foreclosure.

Once a talented go-kart racer, BC now spends his time carelessly tending to his father's garage while engaging in street races and other reckless activities. BC and his loyal sidekick Rudy (21) peddle generic pharmaceuticals to the elderly when they aren't hanging out. The two reconnect with childhood pal, Faith (20) who tries to guide the boys while still embracing their wild side. She also has a thing for BC.

When BC is busted for running from the cops, again, he is given one last chance. Events lead BC back to the world of racing where he learns not only about how to succeed on the track, but also about becoming a responsible young adult.

Set to a reggae soundtrack and featuring acting and musical performances by Grammy award-winner, Steel Pulse, ROCKSTEADY follows a young man's journey over the course of a racing season, but more importantly of self-discovery and growth. Along the way, he meets new people with whom he never could have imagined a connection, reconnects spiritually with his father and discovers more about his community. The story is filled with humor, poignancy, subtle racial tension, intrigue and plenty of racing action.